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CZ Card - Mystical Abilities of Healing & Protection by Cuzco

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These wonderful energies channeled in the CZ Card represents a balance between earth and sky, allows us to stay in a good balance with our earth and sky elements that are within each of us and can be used to stimulate at reaching the highest realms of our consciousness while it assists us in staying grounded to Earth.

They can purify on all levels. and are very useful in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, promotes healing and can strengthen the healing abilities of people who have receive the attunement.

They are powerful energies  to bring balance into our lives along with keeping us grounded they helps to gain a feeling of inner strength and well-being, health, stability and peacefulness.

Work with these energies also as a general protection, they provides protection on all levels of our being and offering the protection we need in our daily lives.

you  receive pdf manual ,CZ Card JPG Image  and Chi Ball Attunement.

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