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CZ Obsession with Technology Remove by Cuzco

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Eyes fixed on the smartphone, busy hands to write hundreds of messages and hours spent scroll through the pages of social networks. It's called "Syndrome Hand-Phone" - literally translated "to be in his hand", and an obsession with technology that infects millions of people.

Always have the smartphone in your hand and use it especially on public transport, in the workplace and even on vacation.
Find the real contact with what surrounds us is essential to disconnect from the virtual world.

Using these energies  causes a progressive detachment from a parallel reality: in this way you can make room for new habits, rewiring the connections of our brain.

Identify times when off the phone to devote himself entirely to the environment and to the people: at the table, at the beach, with your partner or at work etc..

You receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement .

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