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Lightworker Care Empowerment by Amanda Hadley

EUR 18.00

year 2021

This system is useful for all Lightworkers, healers, empaths, intuitives and anyone who works to shine light to illuminate the path for others. 
Being a Lightworker can be difficult, to say the least, there are  times when every Lightworker feels exhausted, stressed and  isolated from society, family and friends.  
Many Lightworkers overlook the importance of self-care, they  are simply too involved in their work and focused on others, but  self-care is so important for Lightworkers to ensure that their  work can be carried out from a place of peace and calm, to 
ensure their energies are protected and replenished. 
The majority of Lightworkers are not super beings who can  easily and constantly dip into a never ending supply of healing  energy and transmit it to others, they are beings who have been  through darkness and wish to help others find the light. They,  just like everyone else, need healing, light and love. 
This empowerment is designed to bring from Source to help in 4 ways; Heal   ,Support  ,Recharge  ,Protect  

Uses  of  Lightworker  Care  Empowerment 

-for self-care 

-to rejuvenate 

-to replenish, recharge your energies 

-to cleanse and clear negativity 

-to comfort and balance you 

-to connect you with Source energy 

-to ground you to Mother Earth 

-to help you feel comforted 

-to increase energy levels 

-to illuminate you 

-to support and guide you 

-to protect you from negative energies 

You receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement


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