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Sleep of Cat Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 35.00

 year 2021 -  75 euro 

The flow of Sleep of Cat Reiki comes from the source of reiki and the magic of cats.

Sleep of Cat Reiki helps you with sleep. Sleep is very important for health and energy. If you do not sleep well, then the body gradually loses strength, health and energy.

Cat's Sleep will help you in the treatment of insomnia, protect your sleep from attacks, energy leakage, you will be able to move safely in the energy worlds and easily return to the body. The magic of cats can calm and restore the rhythm, gives harmony, energy, and also takes you to quiet protected worlds.

Sleep of Cat Reiki is a deeply magical energy and, together with reiki, is powerfully healing.

 You can use the flow to create amulets for sleeping, amulets for home and travel.

You can apply highly magical and powerful energy for powerful healing, recovery and protection.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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