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Astral Tulpa creation by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.99

year 2021

Tulpa is a tibetan  term used in the buddhism and it’s a thoughtform with the features of a homunculus. The meaning of the word defines an incorporeal entity created through particular meditative methods developed by monks, especially the great tantric lamas. According to these beliefs this incorporeal form, which lives in the astral plane, can be perceived or seen  under many aspects, especially in animal form human form or light form , by other monks gathered in meditation.With this system you can create your tulpa with light and for the good .

This system comes from the source and from Lord Buddha and it’s protected from any darkness.

You can create your tulpa with a human,animal or angelic appareance for healing and helping yourself or others.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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