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Kuji kiri activation mastery by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.99

year 2021

the practice of Kuji Kiri is  a sort of stimulation of the whole body energy system. In the magical and spiritual vision the  signs are created by the gestures of both hands, the left hand "Taizokai" has a receptive part (Yin), and the right hand "Kongokai" emitting (Yang). The nine cuts made with the right hand emphasize the cut of ignorance of the Veil of Maya , the  sensory world through the Sword of Wisdom. In this way, according to the doctrine of Mikkyo, a branch of Japanese Buddhist , a sort of "door" would be created in the everyday world that would serve to access a different state of consciousness, useful  for a right concentration and right use of your own  energy resources. the practitioner can remain silent or say only the name of the mudra itself , or recite a specific Mantra.

With this system you don’t have to make any mudra because you’re activated to these mudras.If you want ,you can repeat the mantras you find in the manual or one of these according to your needs.

you will receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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