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True Soul Reiki by Jay Burrell.

EUR 15.00

  year 2021 - £15.00

Prerequisite: Reiki 1st Degree

 Healing the Mind, Soul & Inner Self

True Soul Reiki is a unique system that to help you to identify the Reiki methods that you can use to help Heal the Energetic and Spiritual Layers of the Mind, Soul and Inner Self. 

When you look to heal yourself, you have to consider the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Elements of the Spiritual Trinity which consists of the Mind, Body & Spirit.

 It is important to rememnber that these elements are all interconnected and should always be addressed together.

 It applies to the human body as well as the universal consciousness so if you are ready to explore healing at a deeper level, True Soul Reiki is for you.

Within True Soul Reiki you will learn about the following plus much more: 

 Healing the Soul, Mind and Self with Reiki.

  The Connection Between Mind, Soul and the Inner Self.

 The Alpha State & How To Enter The Alpha State Of Mind.

  The Soul.

  The Inner Self and Much More. 

 you will receive pdf manual 26 pages and chi ball attunement

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