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Package 10 Systems - Emotional Healing System - by Daelyn Wolf - Manuals in German

EUR 10.00

Below are the list of attunements - year 2016

The Systems are ( NO substitutions )

1- Emotional Auto Immune Disease Healing Reiki

2- Emotional Cancer and Tumor Healing Reiki 

3- Emotional Digestive Track Healing Reiki 

4- Emotional Eating Disorders Healing Reiki 

5- Emotional Five Senses Healing Reiki 

6- Emotional Heart Healing Reiki 

7- Emotional Nervous System Healing Reiki 

8 - Emotional Osteoporosis Healing Reiki

9- Emotional Respiratory Healing Reiki

10- Emotional Urinary Track Healing Reiki 

you will receive 10 pdf manuals in German language and chi ball attunements

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