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Package B 13 Systems by Daelyn Wolf Manuals in Japanese (JPN)

EUR 10.00

Below are the list of attunements 

The Systems are ( NO substitutions )

 1- Ancient Wisdom - Ancestors Reiki

2- Aura Clearing and Healing Reiki 

3- Blockage Breaker Reiki 

4- Communication With Spirit Guides, Angels, & Totem Animals Lightwork 

5- Feminine Power of Creation

6- Flight of the Pegasus Empowement 

7- High Energy Financial Freedom Reiki 

8- Karma Release and Empowerment Reiki 

9- Magick Reiki Destiny

10- Magick Reiki Fast Cash 

11- Magick Reiki Stop Gossip

12- Synchronistic Reiki - All Things Come Together 

13- Magick Reiki Weight Loss

You will receive 13 PDF Manuals Japanese language  and Chi Ball Attunements

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