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Gold Reiki™ Millennium by Ole Gabrielsen

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The essence of gold has healing properties.

 It is a very unique essence that is found in nature and gives us something that no other metal can give. That is why it is so special, miraculous, and in the real material world so expensive.

 It is the material that contains an imprint of a person who wears it.

 It is very receptive.

The gold essence can transform. It can work as a transmitter. It is best when it is found raw in nature. The energy it emits is strong and boosting. It can transform almost anything in the world!

When emotions of lower frequency such as pity, anger, shame, etc, come in touch with Gold Reiki, the transmitting process starts and the person actually gets lifted from those emotions and rise in frequency because of universal life energy and there comes transformation into joy, acceptance, self-love, self-healing, etc.

There are 3 levels of Gold Reiki and they should be delivered as one attunement. Do not separate levels of Gold Reiki.

The first degree is the attunement into the pure Reiki, either whole Usui or Original Reiki.

The second level should be the attunement into the pure essence of gold.

The third level, as an upgrade to these times, is actually the energy of today’s gold. So it is the energy of gold that is currently on the planet Earth. Of course, you should work with the purest essence of the gold of these times. And with that energy, you can intentionally clear and clean the physical gold in the world, like gold bars or jewelry.

During the attunement into the first level of Gold Reiki, you will feel that it first goes from the Heart chakra, and then it expands. Actually, it opens all chakras, but the Heart chakra is first reacting because with the Heart chakra we connect to God. That is our first opening up to the source.

The second thing that you might notice during the second attunement is that the gold energy goes through the Crown chakra, very strongly, down through the whole energy system.

The third level is going everywhere around your aura because it completely surrounds you like a golden cocoon.

There are no pre-requisites for Gold Reiki nor is Gold Reiki a pre-requisite for any other Reiki style.

Gold Reiki can be used as hands-on healing or as a meditation. You can even create energy tools. Clear quartz is good for that and objects that are already golden. You can have a piece of gold that is charged with Gold Reiki and it will emit beneficial energy!

The energy is stronger than ever with a completely revised and expanded manual!

Benefits of Gold Reiki:

 Helps to heal our physical body

 We can energize water and oil

 Charge crystals with Gold Reiki as little transmitters in your house

Transforms negativity

 Rises our vibration

 Stand-alone healing system

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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