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Shamanic Prayer Tree Empowerment - by Amanda Hadley

EUR 18.00

 year 2021  - £18.00 

The energies of this system come directly from Sacred Source and connect you with the energies of your own Etheric Prayer Tree,they gives you the ability to tie your prayers onto the etheric branches of your prayer tree to be taken to sacred source  ,to help manifest your goals, dreams and desires into your conscious reality, has many uses and applications

 Some examples :

  Manifestation of your Goals.

  Relieve Pysical Pain & Ailments. 

  For Guidance on your Spiritual & Lifes Path. 

To Release that which no longer serves your Highest Good.

 To Find Answers to your Questions. 

  Abundance & Success and more!

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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