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PYRAMIDS OF THE SPHINX by Fedosova Ekaterina

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 year 2019  - 23 euro 

Egyptian energies reveal their ancient strength and power with a complete upgrade and new features.

 The energy of the Pyramids of the Sphinx will give you wisdom intelligence insight harmony of mind and heart. 

You will get a balance and calmness confidence and wisdom. 

Energy gives you a bird's-eye view, and you can make informed decisions in any situation.

 You can conduct sessions if you want to get an answer to a very important question in Pyramids of Sphinx.  You will be able to learn, see, understand and weigh all the best options for solving your questions in the sessions.

 The energy will take you deep into the future, the possible future.

 You will gain strength and power. You will be able to travel through the portals of the pyramids. 

The Sphinx will lead you through the pyramids to the worlds of knowledge, wealth, wisdom, love, beauty and power. 

You will be able to activate 5 pyramids and nourish yourself, your aspects with their power and energy. 

You will be able to use these energies, direct them and concentrate them in the area of your life that needs it - whether it is money, gold, wealth, beauty, health, caring for others, spiritual development, or any other area. 

The ancient forces and energies of Egypt, the priests, and the pharaohs come again in a new quality, having undergone transformations through the prisms and filters of new vibrations. 

The pyramids of the Sphinx are a combination of ancient powerful forces with new high vibrations revealed during the passage of the Earth

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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