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The Chakra Flower Essence Activation by Jay Burrell

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£15.00 - year 2019

From Jay :

The Chakra Flower Essence Activation came into being after working with the Chakras for many years and also the energies of Etheric Flowers including the more well-known Bach Flower Remedies.

 In a similar way to other Etheric Encodings the Chakra Flower Essence Activation give you the tools in which you can tap into the Etheric qualities of Flowers to help Heal, Align and Balance the Chakra System as well as opening Inner Doorways of your Soul in order for you to be taken straight to the Heart of an Illness or Health Issue to bring forth swift release of Negative Energies that may be stuck within the Chakra System.

Each Flower has a unique Colour and Essence that Vibrationally corresponds with one or more of the 7 Chakras within the Spiritual Body. Meditating upon a particular Flower, therefore can help us to open and align any Chakra that may need Healing. This is where I will focus my teachings within this new Distant Attunement. In the same way that one would use the energies of an Etheric Crystal, I am going to introduce you to a vast array of Flower Energies that you can Etherically tap into, to help Heal, Align and Balance a specific Chakra. This can be achieved through Self-Healing or Healing others.

more info in the wonderful manual 

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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