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Flame of The Forest Elf Ima by Thomas Schneemann (TommyTurtle )

EUR 10.00

 year 2021 

Flame of The Forest Elf Ima 

 This Beautiful and enchanting Empowerment comes from an Elven Forest and will be called “ Flame of The Forest Elf Ima “ . 

This is a healing and seer Empowerment which heals on cellular Level especially the Eyes to see in the Dark and help you with Clairvoyance. 

It is a gift from Ima. 

Ima is one of my Spirit Guides and she is a helpful being.
You can also cast Flame hands and with the light of the Flame you can burn away anything what is dark. 

You feel and see your Hands in Flames without burning but with the helpful expierence of Fire. 

Use your hands to see in the Dark. 

It will bring Clairvoyance and healing of the Inner and Outer Eyes to see things clear and burn away any negativity from yourself and you will see what lie beyond and you will see in the Dark. 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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