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Pink Flame Essence - Vibrant Awareness by Scion

EUR 19.99

year  2021 

These  wonderful high  powers are powerful ,hot and vibrant, they can bring you beauty ,balance , joy , love  and  of  any your dreams realization.

Sometime the people for to integrate  more into society they are forced accept to appear to be what they are not.

If sometime you give  exaggerated attention to the physical appearance to please others only,these powers  support you   to  focus  also on your inner invisible, to get in touch with your emotional being and more.

They teaches us not to be afraid to show our emotions ,but they alsoteach us how to not engage in situations that are harmful to us on any level .

Are useful to strengthen our intuition and the reasoning ability of our mind for have a clear vision before making decisions and remembering to evaluate all sides of a situation before taking action.

Powerful support  also if you are for to out of chaotic situations instantly with grace and without damage

you can will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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