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Northern Lights - Magical High Frequency Elixir by Scion

EUR 25.00

year 2021 

The most easily visible color in the Northern lights in the sky usually  is green ,working with these higher  powers a range of color bands  come to support you , do not need to know what colors you need. will come exactly the bands of color that are optimal for you

These great energies they can  are an powerful protection against all evil  influences,are  useful for to clean all home spaces  , also are very useful  for  your office and all  business spaces for  bring  great harmony among colleagues ,to promote any  business and to bring success and  financial prosperity .

Through these  great powers at"high magical  frequency",  health , longevity ,love ,protection ,money and success are drawn into your life !

 Use  them intuitively 

  you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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