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Energy Protection of Archangel Michael by Amanda Hadley

EUR 12.00

year  2018   - 12,00  euro 

Archangel Michael's Energy Shield can be used when performing sending or receiving any kind of energy work. 

 Some argue that unscrupulous people can add negative attachments to energy balls that you unwittingly call into your energy body when you call up an energy ball, and so on. Others believe that the sender remains wide open to any negative energies when in the process of sending energy - that their energies can be manipulated, polluted, elevated high, etc.

 Archangel Michael has incredibly strong protective energies and blocks and protects from the passage of negative and unwanted energy. 

This attunement is offered as a way to safely guard your energies, whether you are sending or receiving any kind of energy work. This ensures that the energy and / or transmission you receive or send is only the energy of the Source. The energetic protection of Archangel Michael, when activated, creates a golden protective ball around you, which reflects negative energy and only pure streams from the source of energy flow to you. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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