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Sunny Dog by Ekaterina Fedosova - manual in English or in German

EUR 7.99 EUR 17.00

 year 2020  - 17 euro 

Stream Sunny dog ​​will bring you the energy boost andpositive energies, you'll get forces for business that seemsto you impossible, you will leave the fear about a chore.

Flow gives ease in the angelic frequencies and the symbolof the dog (PSA), dog has a natural magic power, goodnessand service to a higher power, gratitude and sincerity.

Stream Sunny Dog give you enthusiasm and strength, neverdiscouraged, Angels, helpers dogs Angels will always cometo the rescue and support you and your affairs.

Clear your thoughts and start any business, creativity,cleaning the house, fixing things and starting a new life.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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