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Golden Queen Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German

EUR 25.99 EUR 75.00

year 2020 - 75 euro 

Golden Queen Reiki stream comes from the source of reiki and the angelic dimensions.

You can apply flow to beautify yourself, things, energies,and space.

This stream is glowing and gives vibrations of beauty. 

Every soul that touches the beautiful flow is confrontedwith positive divine vibrations. 

Energy of infinite Beauty Heals, the soul touches eternity and harmony.In the Golden Queen Reiki Stream, you will shine and attract the most wonderful vibrations of beauty and divine eternity. 

Through eternal beauty, you can receive thepowerful energies of the universe.

You will be able to attract more success, love and moneyinto your life through the inner energy divine beauty, andin meditations you will be able to receive rejuvenatingvibrations and rest for higher self.Regular sessions with stream Golden Queen Reiki will helpin healing of the physical body and soul rejuvenation. 

You will see that your appearance will become lighter andbrighter.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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