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Sea Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova - manual in English or in German

EUR 35.00 EUR 150.00

year 2020

Recommended Balance: 150 euros

The infinite Universal Flow of Sea Reiki combines theancient Divine flow of reiki and the power of the universe.Sea Reiki is endless in application, has no borders and no shores.

Sea Reiki is Sea of ​​the Universe.

 The Sea of ​​the Universecan give you everything you dreamed of and what youneed.

Sea of ​​the Universe unites all times, epochs, allincarnations and universes, all beings, all "living" and"inanimate".

You can use any of your work techniques, combine themwith any methods and attunements.Sea Reiki will absorb your problems and bring everythingthat you ask for to your feet.
You must apply flow first to remove your blocks of anylevels and only then ask for abundance in any form.

Make Sure You can handle the universal sea.

We love you - the higher powers of light, Angels,archangels, reiki flow, the Universe and Fedosova Ekaterina.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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