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New Third Eye Opening Attunement Package by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 49.99

This package contains the following attunements:

Purple Sphere of Archangel Zadkiel  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

This energy moves in a round motion to help to open our Third Eye chakra, so we see the truth clearly and get more self-confidence to distinguish “good” from “bad”. Spiritually, it looks like a huge purple ball of strong energy that spins around itself. It is there to help us see beyond, be more intuitive, be more connected to the angel realm, and develop clairvoyant abilities. Furthermore, it helps us to develop an intuition for daily life. So as to speak, the purpose of this energy is not only for clairvoyant abilities but for developing intuition in order to be guided in our Earthly life as well. It is very useful when we come across a dilemma in our lives to let the energy flow so we get fast guidance on which path to take.

Violet Cloud from Goddess Eir  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

 This is a very gentle and subtle energy that connects us with Norse mythology and the energy of the North as well. It is an excellent protective energy given by Goddess Eir. It also helps us develop clairvoyant abilities and help us see “beyond” better. If we like to work with Goddess Eir and her energy, it is good for an even stronger connection. The energy is good for spiritual guidance. Furthermore, it is especially good for people who already have received the attunement in Goddess Eir’s energy or work with her as channelers.

Eye of Horus by Marijana Gabrielsen 

 This is a very potent and powerful attunement that can help us open our Third Eye chakra! Also, it has very protective features when we work with energies and develop our clairvoyant abilities. Basically, it is a “protection tool” before doing any kind of energy work and a “stimuli” for us to be clairvoyant and see better. Its color is brown. It also carries and collects spiritual values and the power of Egyptian Gods. The energy is very protective.

Goddess Eir's Touch  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

This is a very powerful attunement. It functions as a blessing from Goddess Eir. It is given us for spiritual abundance, for abundance in our lives, and to realize on a deeper level that we are worthy of abundance. Not only is it there to help us deal with money issues, but also to see beyond, to be self-secure and self-confident in our work and daily life. We are here on this planet to live this life to the fullest, and for that, we need to see our actions clearly. The energy “Goddess Eir’s Touch” is going to help us realize what to do so we live this life best we can. The importance of the spiritual world is to help live a good quality life, not to detach us from “reality”. We grow by having Earthly experience and this energy can help us have better insights and self-confidence.

Sky Path from Archangel Metatron  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

This energy is very powerful, yet gentle. Firstly, it works on opening of our Crown chakra. Secondly, it helps us to work on our Third Eye for better seeing. This energy is very gentle for connecting these two chakras as well. Spiritually, it has a form of a white and violet energy cloud. After we have received attunement or a healing session with this energy, the energy expands through our chakras, so we see more clearly. Using this energy, we are going to be more prone to receive messages from angels, spiritual guides and understand more clearly the messages from the Universe. 

you will receive pdf manuals and chi ball attunements

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