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Elven High Priestess Artana by Thomas Schneemann

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 year  2020   

Elven High Priestess Artana

This is a short and powerful healing energy from the Elven High Priestess Artana.

 It came not from alone. I used a card deck about the elven and the I received a symbol and a sentence from her to get healing for psyche ,soul , spirit and then after time to heal the body.

This is not a quick healing that comes but a healing that last when healing come long.

 Her Original Name is Artanis but I musst use another Name because in this system she wants to be called as Artana , so Artana and Artanis both are the same Elven being but with another Name.

“Please see Artana as Artanis and Artanis as Artana.” I hope that this healing Work will be also granted.

 in the manual  have the Symbol:

To use this symbol draw it with the fingers on or over the people you want to heal. Also use this symbol for visualization and meditation.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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