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Personal Crosses Overcome - Mystical Potion by Scion

EUR 19.99

year 2020

These wonderful powers aid to let go of burdens and personal crosses.

 If sometime you think of being out of place ,are you afraid of being a burden to others and  you feel unwelcome you are carrying a burden of some kind on your shoulders.

 It could  be an internal feeling of your own making that you may or something that is  weighing you down but you have a desperate need to let go of that burden and  to get rid of your problems. 

If now you feel lost, you feel as "an alien" even in your environment there is often a reason behind it, you know that there are some places  or situations in your life where you do not belong more and you can a sense of being out of place, working with these energies draws your attention to why you feel out of place and helps you overcome .

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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