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Nutritional Reiki Second level by Ekaterina Fedosova

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year  2020  - 41 euro

At the second level of Nutritional Reiki, you can create 
 not only essential products, food, but also individual trace elements or vitamins that you need. 
Activate the flow, say the intention, the name of the  desired vitamin or mineral microelement, it will be created in an ethereal form. You can also say where exactly this 
element should be directed, but this is not necessary. 
In the second level, we Angels give the symbol. use it -  draw on paper, in the air with your palm, on the body, and   so on. There is no strict order in drawing the symbol, the color  can be any. 
The symbol will help you create the necessary trace  elements and vitamins, and also bring an angelic healing   and harmonizing flow. 
If you draw a symbol with your palm or imagine it in your   mind in the middle of a room or other places, you will   activate the angelic flow to heal space. 
Use energy to create Etheric vitamin complexes, mineral   complexes, connect them as you need. 
The Nutritional Reiki stream will help you better absorb   your real vitamins and mineral complexes that you are  taking and so on. 

Remember, energy is perfectly combined with treatment,   but it never replaces a doctor's prescription. If you are   ill, consult a doctor. 
The first levels can be passed separately. 
You can activate the stream at any time, anywhere for   yourself and others, but according to their requests and  spent balance

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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