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Nutritional Reiki First level by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 15.99 EUR 31.00

year  2020  - 31 euro 
The flow of Nutritional Reiki comes from the eternal source of Reiki and combines Angelic frequencies. 
We Angels passing this flow to increase your vibrations and facilitate your mission on Earth. 
Many people of you suffer from diseases, including eating disorders, allergies, intolerance, impaired absorption of trace elements, digestive diseases, stomach diseases, and so on. 
Nutritional Reiki will help you make your diet as effective  as possible. 
When you are eating, cooking, you can turn on the flow  and direct it to yourself and your body and to the products. 
You can сharge water, ice, your water containers, bottles, food containers. 

 You can clean food, dishes, and the cooking process with a stream from low vibrations and harmful energy. 
With the flow of Nutritional Reiki, your body will absorb   all the substances it needs on a physical and energy level. 
You will be able to create healthy food and nourish your   subtle body energy and all structures. It will help reduce  the feeling of hunger and fill yourself with useful energy. 
Nutritional Reiki will help you follow healthy diets and  doctors ' prescriptions. 
If you are allergic, apply the flow daily to all products. 

 It is not recommended that anyone activate the stream 
 more than twice a day. 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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