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Moonlight and Light of the Stars - Magical Elixir by Scion

EUR 19.99

year 2020

These are great  mystical/magical powers that  will fill you of strong feelings of security and self esteem because  if you working with these  magical powers any manipulations and negative  influences, psychological attacks, hexagons and curses of all kinds are destroyed, any bad  dreams , fears ,phobias, depression and mental confusion will be magically removed.

Are great powers of defense and cleansing that easily frees you from any negative energies,also are powerful as a preventive measure, now you are immune to all that is negative, you are free from all negative effect of curses, psychological attacks, hexagons and more.

Working with these magical powers create a powerful mystical /magical aura ,brings  magical and psychic abilities, success, love, money, luck and all you want in your life

Use them intuitively in any magical  rituals and if you want call any divinities / magical beings , they can to intervene and help you on all levels and in every way and  gives more efficacy to all your magical rituals !

you wil receive manual pdf and Chi Ball Attunement

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