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Mom's Love by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German

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year 2020  - 40 euro 

The latest frequencies come for your healing, help, and   updating of all your structures. 
The flow of Mom's love will help you establish a relationship with your mother, with your family (not only on the female line, but also on the father's line). 
If you do not have a strong and loving relationship with   your parents, you have many claims,misunderstandings,   your love for your mother are closed, and her love to you 
- then working with the flow of Mom's love will help heal,  restore the natural balance of energy, exchange and  establish relationships. 
The more difficult your relationship, the more time you will need to work with the flow. 
Mom's love will not only help in healing relationships, but  also in healing physical ailments. 
It doesn't matter whether your parents are alive or not,   whether you know them or not - the flow of mom's love   will still heal these connections. 
Childhood injuries, resentments, anger, and other  accumulated negative destructive energy carried by you  through the years will receive healing, you will get release. 
If you consider yourself a bad parent; if you see that you   make a lot of mistakes; if you try to maneuver between   guilt and overprotection of your children; if you feel your 
 failure as a parent - the flow of Mom's love is also ideal   for healing and working with these negative low frequencies. You will regulate contact with the children. 
The stream of Mom's love has a Golden light, from top to   bottom it covers and wraps like blanket. 
A Golden, sparkling blanket of Energy descends on you and your loved ones. A sense of security, harmony, love and softness, warmth accompany the flow, you feel the soft and tender maternal energy of the universe and the human boundless mom's care and love. 
The universe and your mother, friends and family will be  able to feel the effect of Mom's love. 
You can apply the flow for yourself and your children,  wrap up your parents as well. Not a soul will resist their 
family energies of universal. If the results are delayed, it   means that the depth of problems was greater than you   thought - continue to apply the flow. 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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