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Lady Popularity by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German

EUR 12.00

year 2020  - 24 euro 

This stream will change your physical body and energy 
 structures, update to the latest frequencies, and in this 
 stream the process of restructuring and tuning to modern flows will always continue. 

This means that you will constantly be in new frequencies in accordance with the latest changes in nature and on Earth. 

Please note that this may give ambiguous results in 
everyday life, you will be popular, updated in a timely 
manner, you will be in the most modern energy trends, and you may not be interested in old streams. 
People who will be in the old energies will cease to interest you. Some people's will have to catch up with you and if it is possible for them. 
The flow of Lady popularity comes from the latest cosmic frequencies, it is supported and directed for people by angels and archangels, the new guardians of the earth so that you can always be able to receive powerful and new flows for healing and transformation. 
Also, you will attract attention, be attractive, alluring and 
 brilliant. This does not mean that you will be understood 
by others, it means that you will lead for you, for  flows 
 of energies. 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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