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The Sound of Silence - Magical Powers Flow - by Scion

EUR 19.99 EUR 49.99

year 2020

The art of knowing how to keep silent is important and being able to carve out time to meditate and be in contact with ourselves is a truly precious. 

The silence is magical but sometime  it is a universal gift that few know how to appreciate.

The true silence does not exist and also solitude does not exist, you can find yourself in the company of yourself and be happy, just abandon yourself to the voices of the universe!

Working with these wonderful powers you may  to experience a number of extremely significant astral out-of-body journeys to other dimensions of reality,or fly  to astonishing recreations of  the past and remarkable projections of the future ,all of which will aid you  in creating positive applications for more successful achievements in the present.  

During  the attunement your intuition will be strengthened and amplified and also through meditation can feel guided  you  find much uses of these energies and  to use them  intuitively .

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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