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Angelic Tarot by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German

EUR 11.99

 year 2020 - 21,00 euro 

We - Angels, pass flow of the Angelic Tarot for those who like to work with the Tarot and with the Angelic Tarot. 

The stream will help you perceive more accurate information and interconnection of events and things. 

It will be easier for you in the stream to contact with us and get visions, if you are ready for it.  
You can Summon the flow while working with the Angelic Tarot, and you will feel us closer. 

The Angelic Tarot stream will help you clear your Tarot and fill it with power and light, and you will feel a stronger connection to the deck. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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