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Ocean Mother Full Moon Initiation - by Tineke Wijnker and Lisa "Ladywolf" Center

EUR 5.00

There was a time when we remembered the goddesses of the waters of the earth. 

Though we do not speak of them much anymore they have remained constant and are ever present.

 This initiation is a dedication to the  Mother  Ocean;  the  goddesses  connected  to  her  and  at  its  most powerful during the full moon. 

You can call the energy to you by intention and it can be sent the same way. 

The ocean may not represent or even suggest goddess to you but the chaotic power and still serenity of this great body can not be ignored. 

Call that power to you and use it in your life to heal and nurture yourself and others. 

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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