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Angelic Healing Elexier Empowerment by Thomas Schneemann ( Tommy Turtle )

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Angelic Healing Elexier Empowerment 
Angelic Healing Elexier connects you to the Angelic Realms and the empowerment of the angel healing flowers and stones. 

You can create really simple with this system Angelic healing elexiers. 

The healing comes from the Angelic realm and the angels. 

You can create very easy healing elexiers for healing yourself and others. 

The Angels create with you as a channel such powerful healing elexiers. 

You can feel better after drinking such an Water elexier. 

You can use it at body pain, in a state of being nervous, or to have a good sleeping at night. 

The Angels will create a water elexier with some etheric flowers and etheric stone and other secret etherial incredients to bring healing for your body mind and spirit. 

You can also ask for a charging the water with a wish to come true. 

It could be a healing wish or other wishes. 

The wishes will be granted if it works together for your highest good. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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