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Angels of the Source Empowerment by Thomas Schneemann - (TommyTurtle )

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July 2019  -- 25 eur - $ - £ 

Angels of the Source Empowerment 
The Angels of the Source empowerment connects you to the source of the Angel Power. 

It will help you to clean the whole environment.

 Angels will help you with this system to clean your body , mind , spirit , soul and every person you meet or go in contact in which way ever :-)  

Angels of the source will always help and never harm and they can fill you with life giving source of everything.

 So let me invited you to this fine and easy to use energy and be blessed. 
Information about the system 
The Angels of the Source energy will clean your whole environment and give you the Power for times to come and will clean your soul , spirit , body and mind of the whole environment you are moving trough. 

It will also charge your batteries in times of need simply by activating. 
You can use this system whenever you want and it will bring light of the purest form for every living thing you meet. 

The Energy can also be used as an healing system. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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