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Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment by Thomas Schneemann ( Tommy Turtle )

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August 2019 -  25 euro  - $ - £ 

Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment 
The Energy System Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment connects you to the Power of the Source and will give you the ability of the loving Hands of a Priest of God. 

The energy will push away any negativ feelings and beings. 

You can also clean rooms and people with this energy.

 It is also possible to make a Hands on healing with this system to feel loved by the creator and it is a holy art to do healing work with this Energy for yourself and your friends and clients. 

So be blessed and enjoy the Hands of the Priest of God Empowerment. 
It will also be a loving Hand to protect against the evil and it is also possible to use this as an hands on Healing System in distance treatments or directly. 

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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