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Mystical Forest Wolf Empowerment by Thomas Schneemann ( Tommy Turtle )

EUR 5.00

 June 2019  -  15 euro  - $ - £ 

Mystical Forest Wolf empowerment connects you to an Wolf being which comes from an magical and mystical forest. 

The wolf being from  the mystical forest is there for you when you calling him to protect you and to guide you in your everyday work and during troubles which give it sometimes in life. 

He will guide you in Groups or new Groups to find your place in any 
situation of life in your own “Wolf Group”. 

The Mystical Forest Wolf can appear as a wooden wolf or as an astral wolf to help you to find your way. 

He can also bring you rest and peace from the hectic of everyday doing and he will be there as a friend. 

The best friend you will have. 

He can also be your Familiar wolf if you want to guide you to follow his path to bring you forward in your life and to protect you from enemys who want to harm you. 

He will protect his human friend wise and as best as he can. 

So follow the Mystical forest wolf on his path to knowledge and wisdom. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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