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Mystical Ivy Cloak of the Faun Empowerment byThomas Schneemann ( Tommy Turtle )

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Mystical Ivy Cloak of the Faun Empowerment 
The Mystical Ivy Cloak of the Faun connects you to the wood spirits of the faun.

 The Faun give you with this system an enchanted mystical Ivy Cloak 
which you can use for healing and for relaxing and soothing. 

The Ivy Cloak of the Faun works very well when you want to make a healing session for yourself or others. 

The Ivy Cloak of the Faun connects you for healing to the wood spirits. 

The wood Spirits will give you a healing in a way which is for you good and which is for your client good. 

They will help you feel grounded and the enchanted ivy Cloak will help you to feel save, warm and you will get a very deep healing with help of the fauns. 
The healing Ivy Cloak can be created for yourself and for your friends and other people. It could be used in direct sessions or in a distance treatment. 

When the Mystical Ivy Cloak is triggert or activated , the fauns create an Ivy cloak around you or your Client to feel the healing of the woods and the wood spirits.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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