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Business Protection by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova manual in English or in German

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year  2020  -  50 euro 

 The Business Protection stream not only provides protection against attacks on your business, but also returns negative impacts that were already sent or sent earlier. 
You will be able to revive abandoned projects, fading business, protect them and protect future cases. 
Business protection gives you a flow of purification from the effects of low frequencies, negative energies sent not intentionally or intentionally, will also return these energies to their source, the impact will also return to their source. 
You can use this flow for yourself and others, for your sites and pages, for spaces and at home, apply the attunement in a quiet place. 
Energy is suitable for all employees who have their own  business and employees of different organizations 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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