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CZ - Magical Solitary Lifestyle - Essence - by Cuzco ( Teresa Rubiolo )

EUR 49.99

year 2020

A  magical system  that  brings  you  extraordinary powers that provides   you all powerful energies that you need including a highly protective and defensive function that automatically defends  you from any evil energies wherever they may come from.

They protects you from energy loss,strengthens  techniques of manifestation ,healing sessions , all spiritual practices and magical rituals .

Working with  these wonderful energies you watching  also out for the small opportunities of investments  because could turn into big ones and fulfill any your wishes !

Brings higher energies  ,Ancient wisdom and ancient powers, connection to our ancestors, grounding ,self esteem ,,strength and determination, warrior energy, health and longevity, focus,great abilities  for planning ahead  and  assessing obstacles instinctively and much more.

Aid   to successfully sustaining a solitary lifestyle enjoying being on your own and live the life with joy enjoying of long distance friendships and  relationships
 Receive the pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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