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VIP Success and Luck by Ekaterina Fedosova Morozova manual in English or in German

EUR 19.99

year 2019  - 50 euro 

This attunement specializes in bringing success and goodluck into your life.

 Very often we have done our best inour lives, in our work, in our creativity, love, health, butstill we lack a little success, a little luck and our work willShine in full force.

 Sometimes it's just not enough luck toget a call in time, the right doors opened in time, and soon.

VIP Success and Luck will give you the missing powerfulenergy promotion and good luck, success will accompany youin all positive things. 

All your affairs, creative project willreceive a charge of divine energy of good luck and success.

VIP Stream gives the freshest energy opening with thetransition of the Earth. Your undertakings, your plans, anyof your actions lead to success, throughout the way luckwill be with you.

At any time activate VIP Success and Luck attunement forany purpose

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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