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VIP Crown of Wisdom by Fedosova Morozova Ekaterina manual in English or in German

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year 2019  - 50 euro
 Energy gives wisdom and calmness, well-being, calm mind, a healthy  level of emotions, helps with psychological problems: depression, loneliness, eating disorders, bad habits, negative thinking.  
VIP Crown of Wisdom balances your energies and aspects.

 VIP Crown  of Wisdom gives healing to the upper chakras, connects with your higher self and the cosmos.  
You get peace of mind, which makes it possible to properly allocate  your resources, to see their capabilities, ways out of any situation.  
Anytime, anywhere, in any situation you can activate the energy VIP  Crown of Wisdom: 
The energy instantly starts to work and you will feel that the intensity  of your emotions and the fog in your head dissipate. 

You see the  situation in a more adequate perspective. You can activate the energy to calm quarrels with anyone, anywhere, ever. 

But you can't put  energy into other people without asking, it's very strict.

 You can activate energy on a situation, on a space, but not for people without  a request.  
You can conduct sessions with VIP Crown of Wisdom for yourself and  others. You can do quick activation for others and yourself.  
you will receive  pdf manual , chi ball attunement

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