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Winds of Love by Thomas Schneemann (TommyTurtle)

EUR 9.99

year 2019 - 20 euro/ $

 The Empowerment in the Energy Winds of Love connected you with the a loving healing Wind that blows away any negativity and will give a deep sense of peace for yourself and those you care about. 

Sometimes love is  much needed and your are surrounded by negativity. 

With the Winds of Love you can cleanse yourself and your clients with this Energy for  unconditional Love , for friendship and the loving band between all loving beings.

 Love is the most needed thing for everyone and love consisted  healing for everything and everyone and anything. 
The Empowerment in this Loving Energy will give you the ability to be  surrounded by the wind of love wherever you go as an companion and a friend. 

This will give you Love and Strength and will blow away any  negativity. 

Love is a healing gift that can heal and give peace for yourself, 
your Clients and your environment. 

 it has also cleansing abilities,can also blow away any  negativity in your home, at yourself and clients. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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