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Triple Power Mudra Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

EUR 16.99

year 2019

Triple Power Mudra Reiki combines Reiki energies with Mudras to bring more energy and power to your work. 

This system is Triple Power Mudra Reiki which works to increase your personal power X 3.

 Use it to add more power to any healing, any manifestation, and any area of your life that needs more power for success. 

The rituals of Mudra help to pump up the power and get the best results of any energy work you are doing for any positive purpose.

Note: This system is energy infused with Reiki Energy to add a very powerful energy to the Mudra Energies. 

This combination forms a super powerful Magickal Lightwork that can be used to assist you in all your Energy Work.

you will receive pdf manual  and Chi Ball Attunement

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