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Magickal shaman mastery by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.77

year 2019

The  7 rites of Omahè

This is a big master magick system with a long manual,it’s the deep heart of secret shamanism and magical shamanism ,with 7 attunements inside,many symbols ,short prayers/magical mantras or magic formulas and much more.This system turn you into a real powerful shamanic miracles maker.With this master you’ll be linked to the seven secret powers of Omahè.

Omahè is the amazing and blessed Grace of Divine shaman realm.

Here you’ll be attuned to the seven single magical rites of the shamans:  Omahè rite to receive the divine grace,the magical shaman hood rite to open the gate of others dimensions,the akuè rite to have the power of all the shaman healers beyond the veil,the pachamama and pachakamahk rite to remove blockages and problems and better love life,the wakhoo rite to remove all darkness and negativity (from yourself and others),the shinghyè rite to manifest the dreams (for you and others) and the wuanlallah rite to bring peace to all ancestors.

you will receive  pdf  manual , chi ball attunement    

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