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Stream of President - Money and Love - by Fedosova Morozoava Ekaterina

EUR 19.99

year 2019  - 70 euro 

Energy is personally transferred to Fedosova - Morozova Ekaterina  from mentors of the President. (V. V. P.) 

This flow will be a powerful engine for bringing money and prosperity to life. 

The stream flows in  the third chakra and from there extends to all aspects.

 President flow  - Money and Love works on brain vibrations and connections, removing the harmful and hindering to get money, abundance,  connections and vibrations, help you to change your life. 

You will  change your worldview. Money and love erases positions hindering development at all levels.

 Prosperity is born from within and will  diligently infiltrate every your cell of the creature.

 The code of pure money and material money is prescribed in you, you become the  vibration of money.  
Your higher aspects will be systematically and rapidly changing. 

Do  not resist, show maximum flexibility in change and acceptance. 
Your life will begin to receive money with love and purity. 

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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