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VIP Goddess by Fedosova Morozova Ekaterina manual in English or in German

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year 2019 - 60 euro

This attunement is the second part of the VIP Reiki  attunement. They are connected, but absolutely self- sufficient.

 The initiation can be received separately in each  system. They are powerful each in itself. But their energies are related and aimed at raising self-esteem and setting an  adequate self-esteem.  

Also, both systems are designed to awaken the soul from  "sleep" and increase vibration. 
If VIP Reiki is suitable for everyone, then VIP Goddess is  perfect for women. 
This is the first aid in a woman's life. Many women take on   the male role and energy. 

VIP Reiki will harmonize aspects, balance male and female energy.  
VIP Goddess will heal every initiate, purify chakras and all  aspects. 

Attunement will balance thought, body,  mind, and soul. 
VIP Goddess will give a feeling of  fullness and tranquility. Goddesses do  not get nervous, do not swear, and do not allow to use their kindness to the  detriment of themselves.  
VIP Goddess will give you self-respect  and self-esteem, healthy ego. 
After receiving the VIP Goddess attunement, you will become  a real VIP Goddess.

 You will be filled with the energy of the cosmos, love, and the whole universe will be your home –  your soul remembers this.  
Attunement will give you charm, sophistication, warmth and  Shine of the stars. In your eyes will Shine the whole universe. 

Energy will give a Fleur of luxury and wealth, people will  automatically offer you the best and try do best for you. 
The whole universe gives you the status of VIP – a particularly  important person. 
Your skin will Shine, your eyes will fascinate, your gait will  drive crazy. 
VIP Goddess energy will raise or lower your sexual energy to a  normal level.

 You will be able to activate the setting for yoga, for women's practices, meditations and rituals. 
VIP Goddess is perfect for working with the energy of money,  luxury, abundance, beauty and health. 
VIP Goddess is suitable for  purification.  
you can  use  VIP Goddess for
Healths ,Receipt of money ,Cleansing the body, chakras, all aspects  Increase revenue ,Successful pregnancy  Purification of thought forms ,Mind transformation 

Opening a money channel ,An increase in the money channel  Discovery of love, channel of love ,Intense sex, harmonious sex  To conceive a healthy baby 

Strengthening family relationships  Find a soul mate 

Weed out malicious people 

Protection of yourself, home, premises, car, any  movable and immovable property 

Activate your feminine wisdom, feminine energy 
To find the best way out of any situation  Getting peace of mind in any stressful situation,  instant calm of emotions 
Getting beauty and Shine ,Become a true Goddess and Queen  Strengthen hair, nails and vision recovery in drainage of the tissues, removal of  edema ,Reduced blood pressure, increased blood pressure 
Reducing excess weight  Healing children's grievances ,Gaining self-confidence ,

The acquisition of higher knowledge and wisdom  Success in all endeavors and training ,Help yourself and people 

Harmonization of space, neutralization of negative  energies, harmful frequencies.  
to Charge rooms, objects, yourself and others on any  theme, for example - a magnet for money, health, beauty, knowledge, success, luck, love, etc. 
Attraction of love and the second half ,Elimination of unnecessary and controversial  candidates – energy will help to see everything as it is and to understand their feelings 
Provide training for others and education, give you  patience and understanding 
Elimination of malicious internal programs and  thought forms 
Acquisition of glamorous luster, luxurious look 
Impregnation with energy and glitter stars  Goddess in every part of your being 

you will receive  pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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