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VIP Diamonds by Fedosova -Morosova Ekaterina -Manual in English or in Russian or in German

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year 2019

We are trying to explain to you and show that each of you is a very important  soul for the whole universe by all VIP attunements. All the forces are gathered 
to help you, to raise your awareness and self-esteem. 
 We are giving the VIP Flow. These energies are called to raise your vibrations,  your opinion of yourself. Expand your thinking and wisdom. We love you, 
Mentors, Guardians, Angels, Archangels and ascended Masters.  
The energy in VIP Diamonds is designed to strengthen your soul and body.  
VIP Diamonds will bring health for the body, energy, comfort, money, luxury,  love and respect for yourself and the world. This energy will help to strengthen your self energies, aspects, and give inner power. Attunement gives the  understanding and the
discovery of a successful way, support to strengthen the business, any business, the idea of desires. 

You can Illuminate the diamond  sparks dark corners and you will be able to clearly understand how to be with the dark and low-frequency energy in life. 

VIP Diamonds will help in any sphere  of life.  
Everything you want you can charge VIP Diamonds with energy – objects,  rooms, hold sessions for yourself and others, make quick activations.  
you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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