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Golden Watermelon by Fedosova - Morozova Ekaterina manual in English or in Russian or in German

EUR 7.99

Sweet energy to attract money.

 It bypasses your energy blocks.

 Money is no longer interested in why not, they tell you Yes – always. 
No rituals, no transformations. 

The energy of money tired to waiting you, it  goes to you itself. 
Energy of individual use. 
We can now transmit the highest frequency energy.

 These energies bypass your imprints and implants. 

Thanks to the channel, we are now able to do it. 

These energies of pure spiritual energy, they work on the frequencies of the soul.

 All these energies change you and advance you to enlightenment. In this they are similar to the Reiki energy. 
you will receive  pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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