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Five Dhyani Buddhas Connection Link by Hari Andri Winarso

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The Five Dhyani Buddhas are transcendent beings that symbolization of universal divine principles and forces. They are usually visualized in tantric meditation and some other meditation forms. The names of the Five Dhyani Buddhas are Vairocana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amogasiddhi.
Each of Five Dhyani Buddhas represents a different aspect of enlightened consciousness, so by connected to them will help us to spiritual transformation.
Five Dhyani Buddhas is also great healers for our body, mind and soul, so by connected to them will makes us becoming a facilitator for them to share and spread their blessings and healing forces to all beings.

Five Dhyani Buddhas Connection Link contains :

1. Akshobhya Buddha Connection Link : Akshobhya Buddha most often pictured touching the earth with his right hand and holds a vajra in his left hand. He was a monk who never to feel anger and always have positive thoughts toward another being. Practice the Akshobhya Buddha Connection Link helps to overcome anger, hatred and any forms of negative feelings. It will teach and guides you intuitively about forgiveness, compassion and love - So, you will have a deep understanding and accepting ability to others for who they are. 

2. Amitabha Buddha Connection Link : Amitabha Buddha most often pictured in a meditation mudra or Dhyana Mudra. He was a king who leaving his kingdom to become a monk. Amitabha Buddha Connection Link helps to removes any obstacles of life that become blockages for your life and spiritual progress. Practice it will also assist you to fully understand the universal and spiritual knowledge with the main purpose to awaken your wisdom, increases your spiritual consciousness and highest potential inside you.

3. Amoghasiddhi Buddha Connection Link : Amoghasiddhi Buddha most often pictured with his right hand in front of his chest and palm facing outward. He is the representation of accomplishment of all action. Practice the Amoghasiddhi Buddha Connection Link will release the envy, calming the anxiety and fear in order to help you in the life progress, life accomplishment and fulfillment in all directions.

4. Ratnasambhava Buddha Connection Link : Ratnasambhava Buddha most often pictured in the wish-fulfilling mudra by his right hand facing down and the palm outward and his left in the meditation mudra or Dhyana Mudra. Practice the Ratnasambhava Buddha Connection Link will release the vanity and greed, more focused on equality. It will stimulates your emphatic, kindness, and generosity in order to bring a sense of deep peace and joy within yourself.

5. Vairocana Buddha Connection Link : Vairocana Buddha is also called the primordial Buddha or Supreme Buddha. He is most often pictured in Dharmachakra mudra. Practice Vairochana Buddha Connection Link assist you to quickly attain a deep meditation state. It may also helps to removing all delusion and ignorance, and blessing you with long life, compassion, peace of mind and serenity.

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