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CZ Card - Mental Mode - I am Billionaire - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 19.99

year 2019

Start Now , begin your understand the concept here  and now!

 All people who know how to make much money are in mode/ magnet money mindset and find it easier to do much  money. 

After you receive the attunement ,working with these energies channeledin this CZ Card  shifts your "mode" so you can start thinking of new to get money flowing to you right away ,you are begin to feel a shift in your mindset,you will  becoming aware and you will begin to understand the concept of the money and you begin to understand that you deserve it ,and not are that is difficult to obtain.

They dissolve any financial blockages, remove mental block  that keep you from becoming a  magnet financial ,helps to dissolve any pattern which hamper from manifesting wealth and abundance
here and now , help to heal bad financial condition, they eases you to start and maintain a new  work / business,powerful  for to increase  your sales, and helps  you to keep money once you get it,  now you is no longer controlled by money, but the money are controlled by you.   

Also through meditation you can feel guided . 

Not  to be confused with any other energy system that may exist now or in the future

you will receive pdf manual,CZ Card JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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