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Glowing Magickal Force - by Scion

EUR 49.99

year 2019

These are energies of rebirth and transformation, are useful to move on overcoming any challenges e conditions in the  life,  in financial business, relationships, health etc

Focus on your situation and the issues  ,the chains that bind you and hold you back and allow immediately to these  magickal energies to help you to decide what it is that you truly want.

Sometime we worry about what others think or what others feel which is best for us, no one can tell you what to do, no one knows what best are for you 

All that attempts to hold you back,  negative thoughts, doubts and fears are trying to  chain you and to cause you pain and damage your self-esteem , but now you have  the power to rise above any obstacle, go free, above worries and fears, your mind clears,  you feel your power , passion for life and love, and with strength, determination and willpower,  you break your chains and proceed go in your way,  now you can to be truly yourself ready to manifest your success and goals . 
Not  to be confused with any other energy system that may exist now or in the future

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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